Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Creative Drink of Choice

After reading some frightening literature about what comprises my daily cup(s) of joe, I decided to encourage my love of tea. :-) Black, white, green, flavored--all are lovely. Combine that fact with the perfect cup (I'm talking the feel of the cup--the perfect cup has a certain "weight" to it. Like the one pictured. Perfect.), and you have a heavenly drink. Not to mention a creative aid! I do have a question for you ladies across the pond: Is PG Tips really England's #1 tea? I've grown quite fond of it, but please don't hesitate to shoo me on to something better! Oh, and one other thing. No matter how many antioxidants red tea has, if you add sugar and cream, you will GAIN WEIGHT. Ahem. You can have too much of a good thing as I recently found out. ;-)

Here's a shot of Boog (a.k.a. "Punkenhead") and her pumpkin!


Micki said...

PG tips is very popular in the UK, 2 other types that are popular are 'tetley tea' and if you like a strong flavoured cup 'yorkshire tea'!

Micki x

Annette Q said...

For me, nothing is as good as a good old cuppa PG tips tea! For me, it really is the best
:-) (In fact, drinking one now while sitting at my computer desk!)

Dena E's Blog said...

Same here, coffee and God are always by my side while arting. Your blog is wonderful and I found out about you through Create by Faith.
I think all your angels and ladies are beautiful.
Blessings and Hugs Dena
How do you get sooo many people to your blog is it a secret??? :0)

Autumn said...

I'm glad that PG Tips is the real deal--I am starting to have a hole in my heart that only that tea can fill. :-) And Dena, Create by Faith is a lovely group of women. I'm just starting to get to know a few of them... I am very fortunate to have the sweet visitors that I do! Some of them were familiar with my work from eBay, but I must say that I am thrilled to have met such a wonderful and creative group of gals who are kind enough to comment here!

Michelle Eaton said...

Hi Autumn, I have an award for you on my blog :)

I really shouldn't drink as much coffee as i do. I will try the tea thing and see how I go.

Copper Leaf Studios said...

mmmm, just finished a cup of Bigelow's Constant Comment this morning :) Best there is! (but I'm just a U.S. hack)

Anonymous said...

Pg tips
Yorkshire tea
There are the leading ones. I cannot think of any other one apart form shop brands and they don't count,lol!

Pg tips have some of the best adverts.

Cup of tea, Mmm! Yes please!

Anonymous said...

You have got to try 'rich tea' biscuits to go with your tea. Dunk in once at a time they quickly go soft, but are so nice dunked in a cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Or dunk a mars chocolate bar, he, he, he! See we are so bad here in the uk, we love our comforts also,lol!

Shonna said...

I wanted to let you know there is an award for you on my blog!! :)

Autumn said...

Thank you, ladies, for all the tea suggestions (I must go drink one right now!) and for the sweet awards!! And Julie-ann, I can't stop thinking about that chocolate and tea combo. YUM!!!

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