Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blessings and Goodbyes

Things come to an end. It's a sad fact of life, but they do. Today marked our last Easter with our lovely community here in St. Louis. (And what a wonderful day it has been!) And while we have almost two months before Hubby graduates, and we really have to say goodbye, I've got to start thinking about the end now. You know, start working through it and trying on different possibilities for our future. If I don't, I fear the backlash will leave me a big, sappy mess, completely unsuitable for public appearances.

It's strange and wonderful that in the middle of big life changes, it's the little things that affect me the most. Like Boog's first dyed Easter egg. Or the joy of neighbors dropping by for a chat. Or shared snacks on porches. Unexpected blessings...

Like new pieces receiving surprising attention on Etsy...

Or Boog, decked out in her Easter finery, looking for all the world like she's ready to hop and skip into the next adventure of our life. Or complete and utter atonement wrought on my behalf. It's strange and wonderful how blessings can be wrapped up in goodbyes.
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