Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Angel with Sunflowers - What Would This Angel Tweet?

I wanted to share my latest angel painting because she is a completely different painting style for me. I can sometimes feel that my brush strokes are tight, so I wanted to work on spontaneity and a more "painterly" quality. I made myself use an oversize brush and have at it, not worrying too much about placement. I think she turned out quite romantic and soft--like an old postcard!
On a more flip note: She looks like she has a thing or two to say. I would what she would tweet about? I am new to the twittosphere, and I had a mild panic attack when I didn't know what "RT" meant! I must admit that I'm liking it! I like getting updates on what people are creating, and I like the glimpses into their creative process... So, do YOU twitter? And if you do, what do you tweet about?
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Shonna said...

She is gorgeous!!! Great work!!

Micki said...

She's beautiful, I love sunflowers!
As for tweeting, where do people find the time? I only just manage to get my blog and my Flickr done let alone tweeting as well lol!

Micki x

tiny.Kahuna said...

So much to do and so less time.... I love to do my blog in the evening, but I don't know if I am able to do Twitter *hmmmmmmm* must think about it! ;o)

The Sunflower-Angel is so soft - I luv her!


Jackie said...

I love the angel, she's so beautiful ! Yes! I tweet. I remember when a friend first told me about twitter, i thought it was the dumbest idea but I LOVE IT! I have met alot of quality people. Writers , artist , and lots of positive people .You can surround yourself with incredible people and learn so much. I am so glad I found you on twitter. Don't be too hard on yourself , I had no clue when I started twitter either. I tweet about whatever I want . share ideas ,pass on things I like , ask questions . It's your experience . I think your angel would say Loosen Up , be Happy and Tweet on:)

Anonymous said...

She's truly beautiful! A softness about her is so dreamy. All your art is dreamy!

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