Friday, August 28, 2009

Step Away from the Canvas!

Do you ever wake up, look at your art materials just waiting for you, and go, "I have no idea how to paint" (or sculpt, or sew, or whatever it is that makes your creative juices flow)?

I have had one of those art days. Actually, two art days! It's as if I have artistic amnesia! Today's block had me honestly thinking about taking up some form of fabric art. Or maybe jewelry.

This dilemma got me thinking: Does it really matter if the process is easy or not? Does it matter if the muse is present or if she's out for a mani and a cup of chai?

While it's definitely more enjoyable when things are flowing (and maybe a little less humbling!), I guess it's more important to just show up.

So these photos show a little of my hit-and-miss process with "Gentle Guardian," complete with a PB&J lunch break with The Boog in the park and a moment of chaos when I thought she was going to tip over my easel!

Almost complete.

With the finishing touches.


Lindsay said...

I LOVE it!!! Are you going to have prints of this one available?

Autumn said...

Howdy, Lindsay!
Thank you for checking me out in blogland! :-) Well, you know how I thought it was finished? Now, I'm not so sure! I think I'm going to add some collage elements . . . I can always do a print-on-demand, though, if you are interested in the future. Miss you! How's little Mac doing?

ellie said...


(and I absolutely love that picture of your little one "helping"! ah, the mix of motherhood and art!)

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